10 Brilliant Uses For Vaseline



Currently, Vaseline is used for all kinds of sauces, whether in cosmetics, in the home, or in the world of sports.

Vaseline is a fatty product obtained from petroleum, this white petroleum jelly is useful for many more things than you might think. Did you know that it was very good for hair and teeth, for example? Discover more about this miracle product!


1.Petroleum Jelly for Hands

The usual question people ask: is vaseline good for hands?
Vaseline works wonders on dry, rough hands and cuticles. Apply it to damaged areas and let it work.

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2.Vaseline as a lip balm

White Petroleum jelly can replace your lip balm on dry and damaged lips. Simply apply a thin layer and leave it on for a few minutes or overnight.



3. Vaseline, a good anti-dark circles


There are several factors that can contribute to dark circles under the eyes. In the majority of cases, they are not a concern and do not need medical attention.

is vaseline the best eye treatment for dark circles?

Yes it is, Apply in a thick layer the night before, and followed by a facial massage with emphasis on the eye contour area. Vaseline will reduce puffiness and dark circles in the morning.



4.Vaseline as Eyebrow Fixative

To keep your eyebrows disciplined, put Vaseline on an eyebrow brush to fix and hold them in place for the day.

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5.Vaseline as Hair gel

Vaseline has interesting emollient and soothing properties. It is used in the composition of certain conditioners and makes hair supple and also an excellent alternative to hair gel.


6.Vaseline for your Hair

Vaseline stimulates hair growth, making it shiny and moisturizing dry ends. Apply it as a conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes before washing with clear water.


7. Removing make-up with Vaseline

From the thousand ways to use Vaseline, this is my favorite, the one I can no longer do without.

Due to its greasy texture, Vaseline is an effective make-up remover. Using a cotton pad, apply some to your face to remove your make-up.


8. As foot cream

Vaseline is perfect for treating dry feet, you simply cover the heels with a thin layer of Vaseline, massage and the feet regain their softness. Also apply to all dry areas, such as knees and elbows.

9.Relieve Irritations

Its softening and soothing action makes it possible to relieve irritations, in particular diaper rash. Its ability to reduce moisture loss also makes it a good healing ingredient.


10. for small wounds

Like homeoplasmine, Vaseline stimulates healing. It is an ideal remedy for small scratches or burns such as those caused by waxing.

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