10 Life Hacks for Aluminum foil Everyone Should Know

Aluminum foil is one of the things that has found a permanent place in our kitchens. The ability to use it for so many purposes is both surprising and impressive.

It can be used to conserve food, and has many other uses. Although using it in contact with food is not recommended, especially if you put it in the daytime. In case of overexposure to aluminum, this metal can be toxic because when it penetrates our body, aluminum accumulates in the tissues, especially bone.

You already know about aluminum foil for wrapping your food scraps, but did you know that there are many other ways to use it?

10. Cleaning your iron

The soleplate of irons gets infected by rust after a certain period of time. The problem is that this rust can stain your clothes if you are not careful. To fix this problem, simply wipe your iron on aluminum foil and the rust will be removed.