5 Brilliant Uses For Baking Soda You Never Knew


Baking soda is definitely a staple that everyone should have at home. this versatile white powder, very useful in a zero-waste daily life, is suitable for multiple uses, both in the kitchen and on the household side. You will probably be surprised at how much stuff we can do with Baking soda.

Soda is made from the sap of certain species of Chlorophyll plants. Chlorophyll is responsible for many of the colors in nature. The minute sodium chloride is mixed with water, and it produces sodium bicarbonate. This substance is then used for different purposes. It’s most commonly used as a kitchen ingredient. You can use it as a mouthwash or as a homemade scrub.


1. Sodium bicarbonate to clean silver:

If you have silver jewellery such as rings, bracelets, silverware, decorative items, etc. that have become ugly, you don’t need to resort to toxic cleaners to make them shiny and like new.


2.In the kitchen:

A teaspoon of bicarbonate powder poured into your pastries’ preparation can replace baking powder while making your preparation more digestible. However, you will need to mix it with acidic food such as honey, lemon, or yogurt so that it causes an emulsion to swell your preparation just before putting it in the oven.


3.Baking soda for bad breath or halitosis:

If you have eaten garlic and want to eliminate the odour from your mouth, brushing your teeth may not be enough. To eliminate garlic breath pour half a teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water, rinse your mouth or swish your mouth with this mixture.

Not only does it work with the garlic, but baking soda is also able to eliminate bad breath naturally. Always maintain good oral hygiene and then use the baking soda when you need it. Here you can see how to make homemade toothpaste and other rinses to keep a healthy mouth.


4.Baking soda for oily skin, pimples, delicate pores and blackheads:

If you have oily skin and blackheads, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with about ten drops of lemon juice.
Until you get a paste, apply it with covering the entire face or the areas where the skin is more oily (such as the forehead, nose and chin).

This mask can be used once a week or whenever you see that your complexion is more oily. It can help you have a more balanced face, but you should eat a healthy diet and drink enough water to have fair skin.


5.Baking soda to wash fruits and vegetables:


If you want to remove dirt from fruits and vegetables, baking soda is a cheap, simple, effective and natural way to do it.

Take the fruit or vegetable you want to wash and pour a little baking soda in the previously wet hand. Rub well all over the surface of the fruit or vegetable you are washing for a couple of minutes. Then rinse well to remove it altogether.

This remedy removes the external dirt, but it is not effective in removing the toxic agrochemicals added to conventional fruits and vegetables during their cultivation.

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These are just some of the ten brilliant uses for baking soda. It serves us so many purposes and has been used by so many cultures for centuries. It acts as an excellent deodorizer, cleanser, and antibacterial agent. It is safe to use and inexpensive to purchase. Enjoy!