5 Brilliant Uses For Baking Soda You Never Knew

2.In the kitchen:

A teaspoon of bicarbonate powder poured into your pastries’ preparation can replace baking powder while making your preparation more digestible. However, you will need to mix it with acidic food such as honey, lemon, or yogurt so that it causes an emulsion to swell your preparation just before putting it in the oven.


3.Baking soda for bad breath or halitosis:

If you have eaten garlic and want to eliminate the odour from your mouth, brushing your teeth may not be enough. To eliminate garlic breath pour half a teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water, rinse your mouth or swish your mouth with this mixture.

Not only does it work with the garlic, but baking soda is also able to eliminate bad breath naturally. Always maintain good oral hygiene and then use the baking soda when you need it. Here you can see how to make homemade toothpaste and other rinses to keep a healthy mouth.