5 Brilliant Uses For Baking Soda You Never Knew

5.Baking soda to wash fruits and vegetables:


If you want to remove dirt from fruits and vegetables, baking soda is a cheap, simple, effective and natural way to do it.

Take the fruit or vegetable you want to wash and pour a little baking soda in the previously wet hand. Rub well all over the surface of the fruit or vegetable you are washing for a couple of minutes. Then rinse well to remove it altogether.

This remedy removes the external dirt, but it is not effective in removing the toxic agrochemicals added to conventional fruits and vegetables during their cultivation.

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These are just some of the ten brilliant uses for baking soda. It serves us so many purposes and has been used by so many cultures for centuries. It acts as an excellent deodorizer, cleanser, and antibacterial agent. It is safe to use and inexpensive to purchase. Enjoy!



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