7 early symptoms of cancer .. ignored by most people .. know them

The human body works so that it sends us signals as symptoms to warn us that something is wrong, but unfortunately many of us ignore such signs, thinking that we will be fine anyway.
And it may be positive that there are several symptoms that may indicate cancer, doctors recommend taking them seriously, so if you see any of them in yourself or someone close to you, do not try to reach conclusions, because they may lead you to completely different diseases, and instead I go immediately to see a doctor.
The brightside site has consulted oncologists to find out the most prominent symptoms that can be felt when you have cancer.
But these notes cannot and should not be used to diagnose yourself, as they may be related to other diseases, however, if you notice any of the above, do not ignore it, and consult your doctor to be reassured.

Skin or breast cancer
There are several signs of melanoma or breast cancer, and they include the following symptoms:
Solid lumps in the breasts or armpits.
Skin irritation or rash unknown, not associated with food or cosmetic allergies.
An ulcer appears in the center of the tumor.
The appearance of a nevus or a change in the shape of an existing nevus.

Lung Cancer
A prolonged cough is a symptom of lung cancer that may be associated with other signs such as:
Decreased appetite
Sudden loss of body weight.
In later stages, lung cancer can cause coughing up blood and shortness of breath.
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Bowel cancer
Bowel tumors may cause the following symptoms:
Blood in the stool
Mucous or purulent secretions.
Involuntary defecation.

Kidney cancer
There are several symptoms associated with kidney cancer, including the following:
Blood coming out when urinating.

  • Hypertension.
    Kidney pain.
    Chronic weakness.

stomach cancer
Unexplained weight loss may occur when you have stomach cancer, and clinical symptoms in their early stages are not yet clear, however the following symptoms are widespread:
Disgust of meat.
Early saturation, which means feeling like you have eaten too much while you have eaten too little.

  • Anemia.
    Difficulty moving food through the intestine.
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Throat Cancer
A long-term sore throat may be a symptom of laryngeal cancer that is also associated with:
Difficulty breathing and swallowing.
Feeling of a lump in the throat as the lump grows.
Hoarseness causes loss of voice.
Coughing up blood
Bad breath.

Common symptoms
In most cases, the rash is not related to the neoplasm, but clinical experience shows a certain relationship:
Uterine tumors cause itching in the genitals.
Brain cancer may cause itchy nostrils.